November 30, 2016

Leonardo Powell

Ways to effectively water your trees properly in Houston

by Leonardo Powell on

This is an aspect that is often overlooked by many people due to the perceived simplicity of the process. However, when not done well, it can be a serious setback to any tree that is growing. The application should be done in a way that it allows water to soak deep into the soil. There are those who think they are applying the water only for it to run off and leave the tree with nothing. If you know how to water these trees well, then it will keep them healthy.

Importance of water to trees

Water is very important to trees and carries nutrients which are crucial for cell function right from the soil and into the tree. It is also a very vital component of the photosynthesis process. Many of the problems that face trees are usually caused by either lacking water or getting too much of it. This means there is a balance which should be maintained.


What should be there in a tree-watering plan?

Whenever you sit and decide to develop a good tree watering plan, there are a number of factors that you will need to consider. Such include species, site condition and time among others. If the site has fine texture soil, then it will hold water longer when compared to coarse texture soils. If your trees are growing on a restricted amount of soil volume, then they will require a schedule plan which is more frequent that those which are not.

If you have newly planted trees, these ones may need more water until they have become fully established. That said, it is also important to ensure your trees don’t get over-watered. Saturated soil can be a big problem for trees. Consult with an arborist to get accurate directions on best way to water your trees. You can also contact a stump removal expert, if you want to get rid of the remains of your old trees, to make room for new ones.


Correct water application

For correct application of water, you should allow the applied water to soak deep into the soil. If the water runs off, then your tree will not get as much as it should. When it is the drier summer season, the watering should be done at least two or three times in a week. This is also dependent on how much the plant demands. If you have a tree that is growing in soil of limited volume, then you might need to keep watering this tree. These types of soils dry very quickly hence the need.

Watering in extreme conditions

Extreme drought or dry conditions can be another instance where supplemental water application may be necessary. During such times, watering will need to be done for every two to four weeks. When applying, one should be extremely careful not to cover the entire root zone under the tree canopy. Also, be careful not to allow water to run off. This cycle should be done repeatedly until a time when the moisture will have returned to normal. You can contact a professional for more information. If you have no idea where to find one, try taking a look at yellowpages.

Peter Jenkins

The Biology of CO2 Incubator Repairs

by Peter Jenkins on

A CO2 incubator is used to culture cells by providing them with the best temperature, a moist and sterile environment, and the ability to maintain their proper pH. In other words, a CO2 incubator is an extremely valuable and important piece of laboratory equipment that must be used carefully. The top brands of CO2 incubators are very pricey, and so, they are difficult to replace if you are running your laboratory on a strict budget. If you come across a problem with your incubator and need to have some repairs done, you need to handle the repairs carefully to keep the incubator in proper working condition.

Should you consider do it yourself repairs?

CO2 incubator repair is not an easy process. The incubators are usually fragile pieces of lab equipment with very complex inner workings. There are some videos that explain how to do your own CO2 incubator repair online (especially if the problem is a smaller one), and these videos can be very helpful. We do not recommend that you handle the repairs of your CO2 incubator yourself. This is because if you make one small mistake, then you could ruin the entire incubator beyond repair. In this case, you’ll need to purchase a brand new CO2 incubator for your laboratory, and that can be stressful when you have a tight budget.

Searching for a company to handle your repairs

Luckily, you do not have to do your own lab equipment repairs because there are companies out there that specialize in repairing expensive, fragile, and complicated pieces of laboratory equipment. Finding these companies is not the easiest task because there are not a lot out there. While it is ideal to find a local company to handle your CO2 incubator repairs, you may have to ship your incubator out to have it repaired by specialists.

incubator-repairTo start your search for someone you can trust with your CO2 incubator, you should ask your fellow scientist friends if they know of a company that can handle the job. Depending on how many friends you have in the same field, this may be all that you need to do to find a company to repair your incubator. If no one knows of a good company to handle the repairs, then it is time to move onto plan b: searching online.

When you search for an incubator repair company online, you will come across many results. Each company will claim that it’s the best out there when it comes to the repair of CO2 incubators as well as every other type of lab equipment. There are a couple of different steps to take to weed out the bad companies. First, look at each of the companies’ websites to see if they have a guarantee for their work. You want to make sure that if the incubator is damaged further that they will pay for the replacement. Second, you should look at reviews online posted by other scientists who have trusted the companies with their lab equipment repairs. Good reviews mean that you are going to have a more positive experience.