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Light up your wedding ceremony with music

by Robert Tindall on

Music during a wedding is essential for entertainment and breaking monotony of formal ceremonies or speeches.  The guests look forward to enjoy the gig therefore you must find right wedding DJ. Do not be restricted by pricing alone. Cheapest DJs might not be up to task. An expensive rate does not necessarily mean the person is the best. It is important to also look at these factors which are essential pointers on likely performance by DJ.


If possible, it is important to find a DJ who specializes in performing at weddings. There are exceptions where you know a great DJ who is perfect for all events.   Save for this situation, it is a important to find specialty wedding DJ because there are some who are amazing when performing at parties but are terrible for weddings.

If you call a DJs company or visit its website, find out the kind of they specialize in. Some might diversify slightly by doing weddings and corporate or fashion. That would be fine because all these are special events but you should be cautious about a DJ who claims to have ability to for all sorts of events because the main interest might be just the money and not quality. Check out this URL link for more info.


He puts the wedding ring on herWhen you start to focus on specific DJs ask about their experience in performing for weddings. Ask the number of weddings they have performed at weddings. This is even easier to verify for DJs who have websites. You can research on how old the website is as an indication of how long they have performed. Also look out for testimonials from previous customers. It is encouraging to find positive feedback. Ask for ways to contact some of the customers who have provided the testimonials to determine if they are genuine.

Avoid part time jockeys

There are many DJs who work on other jobs therefore cannot be the right wedding DJ because for them, it is a side activity. We understand that everyone has to start somewhere but a wedding will be too big a responsibility for a DJ who just performs at weekends. There is much preparation work to do that fitting it with other jobs might have a negative impact on the special day. It will be even more chaotic if the part time DJ is held up with other duties and cannot turn up on time at the wedding venue. It does not augur well to have a DJ arriving after the guests.

The best thing is to find a professional wedding DJ who does this work all the time. Such a person is also easy to reach weekday meetings and consultations during wedding planning.

When you find the right DJ agree on reasonable pricing that is fair to both parties. Also remember to ask about insurance. Good DJs have public liability insurance and should produce a certificate of currency from insurer.